Worker’s Comp – Past Due Need ASAP

All units must fill out a Workers’ Comp Form. 

Yes, every unit.Why is it important that we receive your form even if you have not paid someone? It’s one of several factors that can impact the future increase in the cost of the insurance premium all PTAs pay.

If you have NOT paid someone:

  • The form must still be turned in.
  • It only takes five (5) minutes.
  • All you need to write is “No One Paid” under “Name of Worker” or “Name of Payee”. 
  • The form can be signed by the PTA President or Treasurer.
  • Then sign, seal, and deliver to council (in-council units) or Sixth District (out-of-council units).

If you have you have paid someone:

  • Please see the NEW detailed instructions for the Workers’ Comp form in the Financial Mailing from CAPTA. 
  • Your PTA president should have received a copy in the mail or click here for the full packet. 
  • The Workers’ Comp form can be signed by the PTA President or Treasurer. 
  • Units that do not need to pay any additional persons in December, please send your form in now. 
  • If you will still be making a payment in December, please wait to mail the form until the last person is paid. 
  • Information
  • Form

If you’ve paid anyone more than $600 to one person…There is more info at:

Filing Requirements for Independent Contractors

Payments of $600 or more during a calendar year made to individuals for services rendered, who are not employees, must be reported on the IRS Form 1099-MISC. This report is due to the IRS by February 28, for payments made during the previous calendar year. Refer to Employee versus Independent Contractor for assistance.

PTA must report individuals who are independent contractors to the California EDD on Form DE 542, Report of Independent Contractor(s), within 20 days of making payments of, or entering into a contract for $600, or more within any calendar year.

The EDD may assess a penalty for each failure to comply with the required time frames. A penalty per instance may also be assessed for failure to report independent contractor information. To obtain Form DE 542 visit EDD website at

Each independent contractor should complete a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number Form W-9.

Questions: Contact Sixth District Treasurer, Sandee Ruiz at [email protected]