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Thurs, September 29 | 7:00pm

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Once elected PTA boards may start meeting. This video provides guidance on the steps to take in the spring and early summer. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking PTA Executive Board Handout
This video details the steps needed to create a budget, it's more than just numbers. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking Budget Process
With planning, your PTA meetings will run smoothly - especially when everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. We will discuss the different types of PTA meetings, parliamentary procedure, motions, and what must be documented during your PTA meeting. PTA meetings are the same whether in person or remote via teleconferencing. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking Meeting Management Handout which includes sample motions This workshop is recommended for all officers, especially Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries and Parliamentarians.
Every officer has financial responsibilities. Certain financial duties are the treasurer's job but fiduciary responsibility belongs to every board member and committee chair. Find out what governmental forms need to be filed every year. Also, learn money handling guidelines to protect the PTA’s assets. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking PTA Finance for All handout Similar to PTA Virtual Academy but will add First Association procedures and MyPTEZ (formerly PTAEZ)
Sixth District PTA Officers provide helpful hints for operating PTA remotely. Slides chalked full of suggestions. Supporting documents: Slide copies both 2 and 3 per page
Excited about your election to the presidency? But a bit nervous also? This workshop will help you in your new role. President CAPTA Virtual trainings left you with questions. This video covers the highlights. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking President handout
This workshop provides the highlights of the summer workshops and a discussion of financial procedures and required reporting. There are hours of videos treasurers can view which should make your job easier. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking Treasurer handout
Presented by CAPTA Membership Commissioners. TOTEM is a great way to collect membership at your unit. Learn how to set up the system and then promote online membership to your families. We will also go over the TOTEM Dashboard and all the great things you can do with the system. Supporting documents: Slide copies both 2 and 3 per page
Programs are at the heart of PTA. Learn how to develop your own effective, engaging PTA programs. We'll tackle the Nuts and Bolts of PTA programs and we'll share best practices and practical tips. We'll also find out about the great programs offered by California State PTA and National PTA. We'll share free resources, and program ideas that won't cost you a cent. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking Event Planning Handout Needs Assessment Handout Speaker Checklist/Assessment
Learn how to effectively utilize social media and websites to communicate in today’s PTA/PTSA. Explore multiple forms of social media, learn about best practices for social media policy and gain traffic for your PTA/PTSA. This workshop will give insight to the virtual world of marketing and communications that is proving to be more effective and reachable for members across the state! Supporting documents: Slide Handout Clear Communication Slide Handout Communications VSLA Social Media Handout
The insurance company requires an Audit committee. This committee must be ratified by the association. Come and hear the monthly requirements and learn the basics of the audit. Don’t wait to prepare for the audit. Get simple strategies and tips for making audits a piece of cake! Learn how to plan, conduct and report the outcome of your PTA audit. This workshop is in conjunction with the CAPTA Virtual training. Supporting documents: Slide Handout for note taking Monthly review Handout Monthly Review Form Audit Handout CAPTA Audit Q and A
When we offered Everything but the Kitchen Sink the majority of the advance questions were about fundraising and the various ways to properly authorize virtual Association meetings.
Learn the proper procedures for Nominating Committees & Elections. We encourage Parliamentarians, Presidents and members of Nominating Committees that should have been elected in January/February.
Hopefully all schools open for full time instruction in the fall. Most PTAs did not have their typical membership drive this term. All of you next year will than parents and teachers who have no idea of what the PTA normally does for the students, teachers and parents. Both the California State PTA and national PTA have tools to create a membership campaign. We want to make the job easier for you to run a successful membership drive in the new school year.

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