Sixth District Leadership Trainings

Sixth District PTA will be offering 3 Fall Training Leadership Sessions

9/12 Session 1:
9:30am - 10:30am | General Association Meeting & How to do PTA in COVID-19

10:50am - 12:20pm
Excited about your election to the presidency? But a bit nervous also? This workshop will help you in your new role. We will help you learn how to successfully lead your PTA with confidence. The workshop presenters are Shanta Dominguez, Sixth District PTA President and Dawn Ying, Sixth District PTA Executive Vice-President. They will cover the highlight from the CAPTA workshops.

10:50am - 12:20pm
Treasurer Basics
This workshop provides the highlights of the summer workshops and a discussion of financial procedures and required reporting. There are hours of videos treasurers can view which should make your job easier. Linda Pfeifer, Sixth District PTA Treasurer will be presenting

1:00pm - 2:00pm
PTA 411:
You’ve taken the classes, watched the videos but still have some questions. Bring them to this session of nothing but questions and answers. Inquiring minds need to know and Sixth District PTA officers will be on hand to help you with answers.

Session 2 9/15 7:00-8:30pm:
Totem Membership
Learn about California State PTA’s electronic membership system. We’ll show you how the system makes joining PTA easy and convenient for members and PTA leaders. We’ll go over the membership reports that PTA leaders will be able to generate and show you the ins and outs of the TOTEM system, including social sharing and the new electronic membership card. We’ll have live demonstrations and we can help you get your PTA online right away. This will be presented by California State PTA presenter

Postive PTA Programs
Programs are at the heart of PTA. Learn how to develop your own effective, engaging PTA programs. We'll tackle the Nuts and Bolts of PTA programs and we'll share best practices and practical tips. We'll also find out about the great programs offered by California State PTA and National PTA. We'll share free resources, and program ideas that won't cost you a cent. Eric Thompson, Sixth District PTA VP of Leadership will be presenting.

Session 3 9/17 7:00-8:30pm:
Audit Your PTA
The Insurance company requires an Audit committee. This committee must be ratified by the association. Come and hear the monthly requirements and learn the basics of the audit. Don’t wait to prepare for the audit. Get simple strategies and tips for making audits a piece of cake! Learn how to plan, conduct and report the outcome of your PTA audit. Reassure your members their resources are being managed in a businesslike manner which complies with all regulations. This workshop is not just for auditors; any officer, especially the president, treasurer and secretary, would benefit from understanding what is required to pass a PTA audit. Presenter Tami Borba, Sixth District PTA Auditor

Communicating in Today's PTA
Learn how to effectively utilize social media and websites to communicate in today’s PTA/PTSA. Explore multiple forms of social media, learn about best practices for social media policy and gain traffic for your PTA/PTSA. This workshop will give insight to the virtual world of marketing and communications that is proving to be more effective and reachable for members across the state! Kelli Cree, Sixth District PTA VP of Communications will be presenting.

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