SCCOE Parent Engagement

Special opportunity - SCCOE's Parent Engagement workshop series will be held at RAFT coming January 2020! This unique arrangement allows schools to use Parent Engagement, Title 1, or Title 3 funds to send parent participants to to attend this 6-week parent workshop series without having to commit to hosting at their school sites. If desired, parents are also able to register and attend on their own, separately of school sponsorship. I'm excited for the flexibility that this arrangement allows.

SCCOE’s Parent Engagement Parenting Workshop series focuses on supporting families with loving solutions for discipline and healthy communication with their children. We also provide CCSS support in literacy and math. Parents will receive leadership building for home and school environments, networking opportunities with other parents in the area, and CCSS training at the amazing and inspiring RAFT facility in San Jose.  Please let your school and friends know they can come join us! Please share flyers attached for the Parent Project Jr (Elementary) parent workshop series and the Active Parenting (Secondary) workshop series. Registration is open!