PTA offers leadership training multiple times a year. Learn more about the different opportunities! They are a great opportunity to network, grow and develop as PTA leaders!

Sixth District PTA Leadership Training

Sixth District PTA holds Leadership Trainings in the Fall (August/September) & in the Spring (April/May). Twice a year we gather as a District to conduct General Association meetings and the official business of the organization. We also take the opportunity to offer workshops on leadership positions, diversity & inclusion, communications, advocacy and other subject matters.

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California State PTA Convention

SAVE THE DATE FOR 2021! Convention will be in Sacramento 2021! Plan your PTA budget to include sending voting delegates to Convention! We will add more information including registration info and Sixth District events/meeting locations for during convention! See you there!

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Council PTA Trainings

Sixth District PTA has 9 Councils that also offer PTA leadership trainings throughout the year! As they happen you can check out this page to see how you can sign up and attend the Council leadership trainings!

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