Parenting in a Pandemic

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Thursday, Nov 5 @ 7pm

Social-Emotional Distance Learning Parenting Tips

Join us for an interactive workshop with Parenting Coach and Educator Stacy Wilson. You’ll come away with three simple tools you can use in your daily life to support your child with their education this year and in the future. Evidence based practices backed by science that will foster connection, emotional safety, and parental support systems within your home.

Stacy Wilson is an educator at heart. She has spent nearly two decades teaching and caring for young children. She has a Bachelors in Elementary and Early Childhood Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. Over the years she has taught in her own home preschool, community preschools and daycares,parent co-ops, and in the public school system in three states and two countries. She is an ICF Certified Parenting Coach and a Certified Parenting Instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting. She has two school aged daughters. She is the owner of her own parenting education practice, GrowinGoodness, where her goal is to reach as many parents as possible, to let them know they are not alone and that parenting can be easier. She currently runs a small learning pod in Santa Clara and teaches evening and weekend parenting classes, support groups and coaching for parents all over the world. She wants all parents to have evidence based tools to connect, play, and grow with their children! You can find her on Social Media @GrowinGoodness or

Wednesday, Nov 11 @ 7pm

Developing Social Skills While Social Distancing

Since COVID-19, the move to distance learning from home, instead of in person at school, has limited the amount of time devoted to the development of socialization skills. Please join this engaging workshop to learn:

              • How to develop social skills in children while distance learning
              • Creative ways to socialize despite social distancing
              • How parents can support children (and themselves) during this challenging time

Susan Stone, Coach, Speaker, and Author, is a certified Special Education Teacher with decades of experience working with children and families. She has presented hundreds of talks to Bay Area groups,focusing on healthy communication and effective discipline for all ages. Susan’s wide range of professional experiences include operating home-based preschools, teaching teenagers with emotional and behavioral problems in juvenile hall, and managing crisis hotlines for parents and teens. Susan, mom to an adult son and daughter, is the author of “Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk”, a bookfor parents with children of all ages.

Thursday, Nov 19 @ 7pm

Is Sheltering in Place Creating a Powder Keg in Your Home?

We're more likely to become angry with our children than anyone else in our lives...because we love them the most! And they are more likely to become angry with us or their siblings for the same reason. Add a little frustration, a little isolation, a little worry, and we've got a recipe for some pretty big explosions! As parents, even though we know that we're more effective when we're calm, it's hard to get that when when
this global pandemic has all of us stress to the max. We'll talk in this class about how to handle our own negative emotions and how to help children to both express their anger appropriately and solve their problems effectively.

Beth Proudfoot is a Marriage and Family Therapist with over 30 year of experience working with children and their families. She is a co-author ofThe Magic of Positive Parenting, and has spoken at conferences for the National Center for Self Esteem, the NAEYC, California Mothers of Twins and the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools in addition to schools and daycares throughout California. Beth is also the mother of three grown children and brings a wealth of personal experience (and a much-needed sense of humor) to her parenting advice.

Wednesday, Dec 2 @ 7pm

Mental Health and Distance Learning for K-12 Students

While it is important to focus on academic growth and learning in Children, it is more if not equally important to focus on their social and emotional growth and learning, particularly during these challenging times. Dr. Khanzode is going to talk about some strategies to expand your child's growth into social, emotional, life skills along with academics. You will also learn some strategies to improve your social emotional wellbeing because you are the most important role model for your child and when you are well, your family is well!!

I am a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist practicing in the Los Altos, California. I did my medical school training and residency in General Psychiatry from Mumbai, India, before immigrating to the USA in 2001. I did my Adult Psychiatry residency and Child and Adolescent psychiatry fellowship from Stanford University and graduated in 2009. I am an Adjunct Clinical Faculty in the Child Psychiatry Department at Stanford. I am the President of a non- profit organization- Taarika foundation,whose mission is to create awareness of mental health in children and teens by conducting educational workshops and seminars for parents and teachers, youth mental health awareness events, and teach stress management strategies like mindfulness to children and Teens. We recently started a podcast series for Parent and Youth- " Mindful, Beautiful and Thriving"- available both on apple and google podcast apps and a YouTube Channel- "Supporting the Whole Child".

Miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2020, 7pm

ESPAÑOL- Viviendo durante la Pandemia

Nos encontramos con incertitud, miedo con el corona
virus, retos con el aprendizaje de distancia, mientras
trabajamos y nos ajustamos con los varios cambios. Voy a
cubrir información sobre cómo podemos mejorar el
conocimiento, practicar cuidando nuestra salud y como
la agencia humana puede ayudar fortalecer el bienestar
y el sentido de seguridad durante esta pandemia.

Lilian tiene su licencia como consejera/terapeuta para el cuidado de salud mental. Ella ayuda a personas sanar, mejorar y encontrar balance para tener una vida más balaceada y saludable. Ella tiene experiencia clínica sobre el dolor y perdida cuando fallecen seres queridos, ha trabajado en varias organizaciones comunitarias y coordinando servicios en varias escuelas entre el Condado de Santa Clara, sirviendo a niños, adultos y personas de tercera edad. Ella incluye prácticas de conocimiento con otros enfoques teóricos para apoyar a las personas alcanzar sus metas, obtener los cambios deseados, fortalecer sus relaciones y mejorar la salud y bienestar.

Wednesday, Dec 16 @ 7pm

Teaching Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is crucially important for young children to acquire at an early age so they can be more engaged and successful in their education.  This training will share why this is so important and provide tips and strategies to utilize, both at home and during distance learning. 

Kathy Wahl, Director, Inclusion Collaborative. Kathy Wahl has over 30 years of experience in education and public health and is currently the Director of the Inclusion Collaborative (IC) at the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Kathryn has worked with the IC since 2014, being involved in the development and implementation of many projects that support and promote inclusive education for all children. Prior to this Kathy has held many positions as a teacher, educator and college instructor. Kathy has worked with teachers, students and families across the county in center based and home based programs and now currently supports local districts in creating new inclusion programs.

Jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2020, 7 pm

ESPAÑOL- Enseñar la autorregulación

La autorregulación es de vital importancia para que los niños pequeños la adquieran a una edad temprana para que puedan participar más y tener éxito en su educación. Esta capacitación compartirá por qué esto es tan importante y brindará consejos y estrategias para utilizar, tanto en casa como durante el aprendizaje a distancia.

Yolanda Taina — es madre de 3 hijos, 2 de los cuales tienen autismo. Trabajó en el Programa de Inicio Temprano durante más de 17 años, apoyando a niños pequeños con discapacidades y a sus familias. Yolanda ha trabajado en Inclusión Colaborativa durante 5 años, apoyando a familias y maestros con recursos de discapacidad, comportamiento e inclusión en inglés y español.