National PTA Membership 101 – 2020 Boot Camp


PTA Boot Camp Session 3

More Members, More Mission

Throughout the pandemic, your PTA has been searching for ways to support and be relevant to both your school and community. Keep up the momentum! How are you attracting others to support our cause, even from home? PTA’s National Vice President of Membership Darlene Harris will .

Today's Top Takeaway

There's No Wrong Way to PTA

Members are the fuel that powers PTA’s mission: to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Today, PTA’s role is more important than ever in connecting parents, teachers and administrators, and supporting critical school needs. We want every family in our schools to join PTA, because we can do more together than apart.

Our new membership campaign——is designed to engage and excite new members and existing members by making the work of the PTA more visible and highlighting the value and impact of PTA.

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Key Details

Your first step is to  to learn about your state's membership goals and access state-specific requirements, guidance, support tools, online systems, training and volunteers dedicated to helping you grow membership. Next, explore , especially right now. Then, follow these guidelines...

Be Proactive About Communicating PTA's Value

You do so much for your school and community, but your efforts may be going unrecognized. Don't let this happen to you!

📣. Brag a little! Did your PTA support learning from home? Renovate the cafeteria? Sponsor a team? Don't assume people know. Post about it on social media and tag your school and/or community!

📣 Share how membership dues are spent by PTA in your community and nationwide by sharing our  (also available ).

📣. According to Independent Sector, a volunteer’s time is valued at $25.43 per hour. What value in volunteer time does your PTA donate to your community each month? Year? Spread the word!

📣. Make sure PTA or PTSA is part of the name of your events and your logo is on all promotional materials.

📣 Share discounts and other incentives. As a PTA member, you get . Consider creating your own incentives!

Be Focused and Transparent

Take time to make your presence known both within your school and community.

📋 Set a membership goal. Add a graphic to your website or social media to show your membership progress and regularly promote it!

📋 Make joining PTA easy! This year, with social distancing, it's especially critical for you to make the jump to online join, if you haven't already. 

📋 Don't forget the "T" in PTA. Ask your principal to be a champion for PTA, especially when recruiting teachers.

📋 Be transparent about  by communicating often and using visuals (like photos from your PTA projects or events, even the virtual ones!) to show the impact of your efforts.

📋 Show PTA is making an impact on what matters most by listening and incorporating feedback from families and educators. Get 

Be Prepared to Address Misconceptions

When you hear a no, it often comes with some explanation that shows a misconception about PTA. Try these tips to re-frame the conversation. The has more!

👹 Myth: Joining means I'll have to raise money for PTA.

✔️ Reality: You are NOT obligated to raise money for PTA. In fact, your dues alone help PTA to…<share the specific programs, issues or improvements PTA is working on>

👹 Myth: Joining means I'm agreeing to volunteer for every single PTA event.

✔️ Reality: No volunteer time is necessary. In fact, your dues alone help PTA to…<share the specific programs, issues or improvements PTA is working on>

👹 Myth: PTA is just for moms, and a certain kind of mom at that.

✔️ Reality: PTA is for everyone who is concerned for the welfare of children! For example, dads play an important role in PTA’s efforts and should have an equal voice.

Membership Pro-Tip

Make A P.L.A.N.

Work with your PTA board to create a for success. Together, you will determine ways to Picture, Listen, Ask, and Nurture your community. Get more info to your inbox *magically* by clicking the learn more button below.

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PTA Boot Camp Challenge

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