Job Description for Membership Chairperson

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The PTA membership chairperson/vice president works with the membership committee to plan the annual membership campaign. The membership chairperson/vice president is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, collecting dues, and distributing membership cards.

Obtain (from predecessor and unit president) and study the procedure book and other materials related to performing the duties of membership chairman/vice president:

  • Membership campaign plans from past years, including goals, themes, calendars, budgets, final membership numbers, etc.

Download or obtain the Membership section of the California State PTA Toolkit to learn the basics of PTA membership, responsibilities, campaign planning and available resources.

Contact council or district PTA for current membership information, due dates, incentives and awards offered.

  • Attend PTA training designed for membership chairmen/vice presidents.

Meet with the membership committee, appointed by the president-elect, before the beginning of the school year. Work closely with the school principal, the unit president and the membership committee members.

  • Suggested committee members could include: principal, treasurer, teacher, hospitality chairman, public relations/publicity coordinator, room representative coordinator and students (essential in a secondary PTA).