Historian Information 2019-2020 Term

Why Track Volunteer Hours?

One of the key objectives of the Historian is to track and submit PTA volunteer hours.  Your unit’s volunteer hours are important to the PTA for the following reasons:
    1.   Demonstrate that more than 1/3 of the PTA’s support  is from the general public which then allows the PTA to maintain federal tax exemption status as a non-profit 501(c)(3)
    2.  These hours are also used in advocating on behalf of children and as information in grant writing. 
    3.   We are a great asset to our schools so let’s not forget to showcase our involvement.  Let your parents and school know how active your PTA by not only highlighting all the events executed, membership numbers, dollars raised  but also highlight the number of HOURS of support given by your AWESOME parent volunteers! For a complete job description of the Historian, please refer –   http://toolkit.capta.org/job-descriptions/historian/

Many units have created Google Docs for volunteers to log hours.  Or, if you prefer just a basic excel, I have attached a version provided by the CA PTA.  Feel free to adjust as you see fit.  Taking the Volunteer Hours Tally Sheet to meetings is equally effective.  If you feel you have an awesome format or process…. SHARE!  It will help us all!

Sixth District Requirements

  1.   FINAL Council Historian Reports are due to District by 15th of May.  Hours reflected in this report will be Aug’2016 -April’2017  including estimates for May and June.  
  2. To make submissions easier, we recommend that Councils submit their unit volunteer hours twice each year.    Once by the end of December and finally, in May. 
  3. You should also complete the attached Historian Summary Report but would recommend you update it throughout the year.  For your convenience, here is a form you can use – https://forms.gle/4DvoCDXukaV8o4XV8 
  4. Also attached, are forms that you can forward to Units – the Volunteer hours Tally form and the Annual Historian Report for both units and councils. 

Please review and let me know if you have any questions or clarifications.
Looking forward to hearing about your PTA events!

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