It’s PTA election season, 2023!

 According to our bylaws, all PTAs should have an association meeting by the second week of April to elect officers for the new fiscal year.  Please check your bylaws for more information about your PTA’s officer election.


      • If you did not have a nominating committee, you will take all nominations from the floor.
  • Your bylaws standing rules say when your roster (officer title, officer name, address, phone number, email address for all officers) is due – 
    • For PTAs in a council, your roster must be submitted to your council by May 1.  
    • Out of council PTAs submit their rosters to Sixth District (email to [email protected]) by May 15.
    • If your PTA uses myPTEZ for financial management, please enter your 2023-2024 officers in the Office / Board Member Contact page (under Admin), and let your council or Sixth District know that you entered the roster in myPTEZ.

Here are some more election resources:

Questions?  Concerns?  Contact [email protected] or [email protected]