Job Description for Communications

Download the Communications Job Description

The PTA communications leader helps PTA members and the general public understand that PTA:

  • Positively impacts the lives of all children and families; and
  • Is a relevant, inclusive, influential volunteer-powered association working for the well-being of children and youth.

Obtain (from predecessor) and study the procedure book and other materials related to performing the duties of communications leader:

  • Print publications: past issues, deadline schedules, duplicating process and mailing permit information, templates.
  • Electronic communications: email account names and passwords, web hosting information, domain name information, social media usernames, logins and passwords, webmaster contact information.
  • Calendar of events and contact information for PTA officers and chairmen.
  • Budget
  • Names and contact information for local media contacts.

Download or obtain the Communications section of the California State PTA Toolkit to learn the basics of PTA communications, responsibilities, publications and available resources.  See PTA Style Guide.

Subscribe to California State PTA’s and National PTA’s print and electronic publications and communications.

Meet with communication board members (newsletter editor, social media chairman, website manager, etc.) before the beginning of the school year to develop a communications plan. Work closely with the school principal and the unit president.

Attend communications-related workshops and trainings.