Campaign Season Guidelines & A dozen questions to ask school board candidates

By Tiffany Landry, Director of Advocacy, Sixth District PTA

PTAs may conduct candidate forums. All candidates for a specific office must be invited to present their views. PTA units may support or oppose local issues, including parcel tax and bond measures, that affect children or services to children in their respective communities based upon a study of the issue and a vote of the association.

PTAs, as tax-exempt associations, cannot support or oppose political parties or candidates, including those running for school boards and other nonpartisan offices.

A current or former PTA board member must not use his/her PTA title or the name of the PTA to endorse a candidate even if just for purposes of identification in any print, electronic, or website candidate literature, or interview or letter to the editor.

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A dozen questions to ask school board candidates

School board positions are elected offices. During the campaign season, candidates are incubating their positions on issues. What can you ask to figure out their qualifications and priorities? Past California State PTA President Carol Kocivar suggests a dozen useful questions at this Ed100 blog post.