Anti-Vaping Initiatives within Sixth District PTA

1) Thank you to the Palo Alto Council PTA Resolution Committee, regional PTA partners, and Sixth District PTA for supporting the development of the 2020 Convention Resolution on Vaping. We are also working with PAUSD, City of Palo Alto Human Relations Commission, Santa Clara County Public Health Department, and Community Partners.

To advocate for local legislation to protect all children. If you would like to work on local ordinances, please contact us. Also, if you want to share a parent’s story about vaping, even anonymously, please connect with Palo Alto Council PTA VP of Advocacy – Erwin Morton at ([email protected]) or Palo Alto Council PTA VP Health & Wellness – Eileen Kim at ([email protected]). 

2) This is a public announcement. On Friday, October 25, 2019, Dr. Ann Shuchat, Principal Deputy Director of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) made a CALL TO ACTION to our nation’s youth. “Many have been in social networks connecting and sharing their concerns about the vaping and the outbreak we have been reporting. I hope that through greater awareness and perhaps listening to the voices of young people who have experienced lung injuries firsthand that many youth are quitting vaping and hopefully many others will never initiate this behavior. There is no safe tobacco product. If you are a patient with EVALI or lung injury who stopped using e-cigarette or vaping products, don’t go back to vaping after you leave the hospital or start to feel better. We think your lungs are weakened based on the lung injury and resuming the use of e-cigarette or vaping products has the potential to cause recurrence of symptoms or worsening of lung function. Consider evidence-based tobacco-product cessation strategies that include behavior counseling and FDA-approved cessation medications.” Dr. Shuchat, “ I want to be clear – lung injury following e-cigarette or vaping product use is serious and potentially fatal, but it is preventable.” (emphases added). To find treatment: 1800-662-HELP.