2022-2023 Sixth District PTA HSA

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2022-2023 Sixth District's Honorary Service Award
Honorary Service Awards are awarded throughout the year and designed as a unique way for Sixth District PTA to publicly acknowledge both individuals and organizations for outstanding community service to children and youth in our DISTRICT/REGIONAL community. You may also submit names for the Continuing Service Award or Golden Oak, which are higher honors and require more years of commitment and service from the honoree.

Nominations are considered and accepted all year. However, in order to present a plaque to the recipient at a Sixth District spring event, we ask that the nominations be received by Wednesday, February 01, 2023.

To submit a nomination for a HSA, please go here.

We hope your PTA implements this program at your school site! Create a form similar to ours and check out the California State PTA Resources and past awardees from your school.