2020 COVID-19 Important Updates

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Sixth District PTA UPDATE Regarding COVID-19/PTA Meetings

Teleconference & Election Guidelines

How to Make a Google Form for Elections

As we continue to shelter in place, teleconferencing and video conferencing have become the default medium for connecting with anyone outside our own homes: friends, family, teachers and our PTA community.

To help you navigate all the tools, programs, processes and platforms that allow us to connect "virtually," let us guide you to some resources:

    • On the COVID-19 Resources for PTA Leaders page on the California State PTA website there are valuable sections on Teleconferencing Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions for Meetings Via Teleconference, and a list of Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing Tools.
  • On April 2 we hosted a one-hour webinar titled "Tools and Best Practices for Virtual Meetings" where we discussed how to manage audio calls, teleconferences, and video conferences for maximum success and effectiveness during these challenging times. If you were not able to attend, you can watch a recording of the webinar by clicking here; alternatively you can download a copy of the presentation from the webinar by clicking here.
Zoom is one of the most popular tools for teleconferencing, but it has been in the news lately due to "Zoombombing." This is the term used when uninvited attendees hack into a Zoom meeting and maliciously disrupt it.

Here are some things you can do to greatly reduce the chances of this happening to your meeting:

  • Don’t post any meeting links on social media.
  • Set a password. (Note: In the newest update of the Zoom app this is enabled by default, but still double-check to make sure.)
  • Set up a waiting room. (Note: In the newest update of the Zoom app this is enabled by default, but still double-check to make sure.)
  • Control who can share the screen:

    - Click "advanced sharing options"
    - Under "How many participants can share at a time?" select "one participant can share at a time"
    - Under "Who can share?" select "Only host"
    - Under "Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing?" select "Only host"

  • Lock the meeting - this can be enabled under the “More” option.
  • Don’t use personal ID numbers - set up random meeting IDs (enable under "Meeting" tab in Personal Settings)
  • Add a co-host

For additional instructions on how to make your Zoom meetings more secure, read this Buzzfeed News article, or this article on Zoom's own blog.

According to Governor Newsom, most school districts are preparing for the possibility that they will not return to school this school year. At the beginning of this health crisis, CA State PTA had advised that during this time PTA's can hold their executive board meetings via teleconference, regardless of whether they have recently updated their bylaws with this feature.
As the situation has further developed, CA State PTA has advised that they are granting emergency permission for local PTA's to hold their General association meetings (including elections) by teleconference (Thru 6/30/20) The following must apply:
  • Everyone on the call can hear/participate
  • Quorum is met through roll call of members
  • All votes are recorded in the minutes


The following information is about school district meal distribution plans during School Closures to Student Attendance.
The document via this link will be updated by the Santa Clara County Office of Education as new information becomes available. https://bit.ly/2Qp4QI6

National PTA Launches Webpage to Support Families and Educators During COVID-19 Crisis

As all of us navigate this health crisis, we want to ensure that you have access to the tools, resources, and most importantly—the community of peers—that can help you manage your family easier and do your job better through this unprecedented time.

To help you, your family and your school community, we have created a webpage available at PTA.org/COVID-19. Among the many resources on the webpage are:

  • Guides for families on social and emotional support, learning at home and healthy habits
  • Tips for educators to teach from home, support their students and for self-care
  • Strategies for PTA leaders to meet the needs of their school community and sustain their PTA throughout the pandemic.

While our utmost priority is speaking up for the health and safety of all students, educators, staff and families, we are also committed to YOU, our PTA members. If there is a resource you need that isn't yet on the webpage, please tell us via this survey.