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Fall Leadership Training Day
Saturday, August 23, 2014
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Santa Clara County Office of Education
1290 Ridder Park Dr., San José 95131  [map]

8:00-9:00 a.m.
Registration, Sign-In, PTA Store, & Continental Breakfast
Welcome, Opening Comments, & Logistics
Session 1 Workshops,
and first half of double-length workshops
Session 2 Workshops,
and second half of double-length workshops
12:30-1:00 p.m.
PTA Store

$10 per person, in advance or at the door

Please select your workshops below, then:
[Register online] by Thu Aug 21
fast check-in;
pre-printed name tag;
guaranteed hard-copy materials.
partial and full scholarships available: contact
Or contact
(after Thu Aug 21).

Late registrations (after Aug 21) and walk-ins are welcome, but workshop materials may not be available for late registrants, and scholarships are not available.

Please come to Training Day, so that you will be able to lead this year with knowledge and confidence!

Most workshop materials (handouts) are
available in English and in Spanish.
Please let us know what you need!

Due to increased costs (materials, janitorial, etc.), Sixth District PTA is charging a fee for Training Day.
Training is a legitimate PTA expense.
Scholarships are available, too. Info:

 Limited quantities of PTA merchandise will be available, including Membership Envelopes.

Items may be purchased at the PTA Store with cash, credit card, or check payable to Sixth District PTA.

No workshop for your position? Need training, but can't come Sat Aug 23? Have questions, concerns, or suggestions?
Please contact

DON'T go through the entire year without help!
Your Sixth District Board is committed to making sure you have the tools & info you need for a sucessful and fun PTA experience!

Mini-PTA Store

Our PTA store will offer limited quantities of the following items:
Pocket Pals ($1.50 each; $5 for set of 5)
ABCs of Parliamentary Procedure ($1)
Robert's Rules of Order in Brief ($7.75)
PTA Clic Plastic Body Ballpoint Pens ($1)
PTA Buttons ($1)
PTA Posters ($1)
PTA Lawn Signs ($10)
Membership Envelopes:
- English/Spanish, $3/100
- English/Spanish/Vietnamese, $7/100
"I Joined PTA" labels (roll of 500, $11)
"I Joined PTSA" labels (roll of 500, $11)
"PTA Volunteer" labels (roll of 500, $11)
PTA or PTSA balloons (pack of 100, $22)

For each person, please sign up for Parts 1 AND 2 of a double-length workshop,
OR sign up for a Session 1 workshop and a Session 2 workshop.

Double-length workshops take the entire time; it isn't possible to take both a double-length workshop AND another workshop.

Double-Length Workshops
9:15-10:45, continued 11:00-12:30
First Year President
A must for all incoming Unit Presidents! PTA policies, procedures, & regulations.
Leadership tools & new ideas for unit management, with emphasis on goal setting.
PTA timelines, job descriptions, resources, & meeting preparation info.
["PTA Annual Checklist for Success"]
[State PTA info for Presidents]
Money Matter$: First Year Treasurer
A walk-through of basic financial procedures for new treasurers
& financial secretaries. You will be guided through an entire financial year.
Topics include banking, budgets, fundraising, contracts, money handling, & PTAEZ.
Session 2 of this workshop continues the discussion of unique situations that confront
PTA financial officers, and a discussion of what needs to be done if you are an auditor.
(There will also be auditor training in November.)
Every council & every unit should try to send one person to this session.
[Beginning-of-Year Checklist for Treasurers]
[Deadlines for Membership & Treasurers]
["PTA Financial Flow Chart"]

[State PTA info on Finance]

Session 1 Workshops
9:15-10:45 a.m.
Session 2 Workshops
11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
How to Audit PTA Books
Make sure you know exactly what is expected from our auditor's report, when to prepare and present it, and to whom it should be sent. 
["Five Minute Audit for PTAs"]
[State PTA info on Finance]
Advanced Treasurer Topics
& PTAEZ Overview

[State PTA info on Finance]
[PTAEZ web site]

The Historian is a cheerleader for PTA, raising community awareness about what the PTA does for the kids and their schools. Our workshop will cover key aspects of the Historian's job so that you'll be well prepared to take on this role.
[Historian "How-To's"]

[State PTA info for Historians]

Secretary's Guide: Basics
It takes more than pen & paper to compose the legal record for your PTA. Learn the proper procedures for taking minutes to ensure an accurate, concise, and true record of the PTA organization.
[State PTA info for Secretaries]
Parliamentarian: Bylaws
Are your bylaws more than 2 years old? We'll have sample bylaws, English/Spanish bylaws available.
Learn all about e-Bylaws!

["Three Key Elements Govern All PTAs"]
["Bylaws Update Process"]
[State PTA info for Parliamentarians]
Parliamentarian: Nominations,
Elections, & Meeting Procedures
Basic parliamentary procedures,
including meeting rules, bylaws,
nominating committee, & elections.
[State PTA info on Parliamentary Procedures]
[State PTA info on Nominations & Elections]
[State PTA info for Parliamentarians]
Membership Basics
Watch your membership grow! No need for a green thumb. We'll give you all the tools you need so your PTA membership can flourish. This is a membership basics workshop. We'll plant the seeds for a successful membership campaign with fun and easy ideas.

[Deadlines for Membership & Treasurers]
[2014 Membership Challenge]

[Membership Step by Step]
[Membership Themes]
[Magical Benefits of PTA]
[All About Membership Dues]
[Membership Year Explained]
[State PTA info on Membership]
[Sixth District Membership Ideas]
Keep Your Membership Growing:
Advanced Membership Tools & Topics
It's November (well, not yet ...) ... and now what?! Learn how to keep your PTA's membership growing through March and beyond. This advanced membership workshop will help you develop a year-round plan and provide you with great ideas to keep your membership blooming by branching out to everyone in your school and community.

[Deadlines for Membership & Treasurers]
[2014 Membership Challenge]

[Magical Benefits of PTA]
[All About Membership Dues]
[Membership Year Explained]
[State PTA info on Membership]
[Sixth District Membership Ideas]
Developing PTA Leaders
Leadership is a skill that can be taught through training, mentoring, delegating and empowering.  Learn how to identify the qualities of an effective leader, understand your own leadership style, and create a positive climate to attract, develop and retain PTA leaders.
["Building a Team"]
["Identify Your Leadership Strengths"]

["Creating a Positive Leadership Climate"]
["Team Leader: Strategies for Success"]
["Responsibilities of Officers & Chairpersons"]
["Professional Governance Standards"]

Inspiring & Motivating Volunteers
Does your PTA have hundreds of volunteers at every event, or just a handful who do everything? How does your PTA promote volunteer spirit? Learn ways to teach members about their crucial role as volunteers. Answer the who, what, why, & how of promoting volunteerism.
["Motivated Volunteers Are Involved Volunteers"]
["Code of Ethics for Volunteers"]
["Get the Best from Your Volunteers"]
["Volunteers -- Valuable is Your Work"]

PTA Advocacy:  Rock the Role!
Do's and don'ts of PTA Advocacy, building your PTA advocacy team, effective advocacy techniques, and more. Meet advocates from throughout Sixth District, learn about PTA's proud 100+ years of advocacy, and how to build on that proud history.
[State PTA info for Advocacy/Legislation]
[Toolkit Section on Advocacy]

PTA Advocacy:  California Education Funding and the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) -- What's Next?
Prop 30 has stopped (at least for now) the annual declines in school funding; the Governor's Local Control Funding Formula has redistributed State funds more fairly. But we were already the 49thers, and now we are 50th in per-pupil funding. What are the repercussions of our policies? Come hear the latest on CA school funding and performance!
[From First to Worst]
[Slides]   [Fact Sheet]

Fundraising Fundamentals
How does a PTA decide which fundraiser to have? See how a program designed to increase family engagement can be a fundraiser. Learn the different forms they can take, and fundamentals involved in choosing one over another. We will work in groups to evaluate the fun factor and effort required in fundraising.
[State PTA info about Fundraising]
Offer Reflections at Your School!
Unleash the talent! Learn about National PTA's Reflections arts program. Participants will explore ways to promote, implement, & showcase Reflections at the Unit PTA level.
[State PTA Reflections Web Site]
[National PTA Reflections Web Site]


Please go to [online registration] to sign up!
Problems with registration?
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