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At State PTA's 2014 Convention, the Delegates voted to increase State PTA's portion of each member's dues from $1.25 to $2.00, effective July 1, 2015.
Please [click here] for details about how to implement this change at your Unit.
For more info about membership dues, please [click here].
Current Presidents:
Be sure to enter the 2015-2016 roster of officers into PTAEZ as soon as your elections are held. The Officer Contact service is FREE to ALL units. This is State PTA's new reporting system, to be used by  ALL units. Please:
  • enter all officers.
  • include the president's home address.
  • (For other officers, school address may be used.)
  • enter a phone number & email for each roster entry.
  • avoid using school district or business email addresses if possible.
  • assign a login for the incoming president and notify her/him
  • Due date was Fri May 1
    Questions? Please contact
    Naomi Higaki,
    It's time to turn in your Annual Historian Report! Begin by downloading State PTA's [Unit Historian Report Form]. For details on how to fill it out, what info to include, where to submit it, etc., please [click here].
    Questions: Diane Foote,
    Elected Officers for 2015-2017 Term
    Elena Shea
    Executive VP
    Vandana Kaushal
    VP Leadership Services Sandee Ruiz
    VP Membership Sandra Lowe
    VP Communications
    Mary Pizzo
    VP Organizational Services Marcie Brown
    VP Education & Parent Education Diane Foote
    VP Health & Community Concerns Erwin Morton
    Recording Secretary (open)
    Treasurer Tami Borba
    Financial Secretary Laura Raimondi
    Auditor Shanta Dominguez
    Historian Dinah Showman
    These officers were elected at the general meeting on Mon Mar 30.
    Note: Parliamentarian and Director of Legislation are officer positions that are appointed by the incoming President, with ratification by the incoming Executive Board.

    The January issue of Sixth District PTA's newsletter, the NewsWire, is online, with articles about elections & nominations, bylaws, auditing minutes, treasurer info, Letter of Determination, Ed100, Legislative Action, Reflections winners, and more! Read the [latest issue] today!
    With our Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), California has come a long way on Equity in school funding -- fairness to all children.
    LEARN MORE -- [Click here]
    But we've made no progress on Adequacy -- we're 50th in per-pupil funding, and it's not enough -- we're bottom-performing.
    LEARN MORE -- [View the presentation] from
    our Legislative Round Table (17 Nov 2014)!
    For more on this and other advocacy issues,
    visit our [Advocacy web site].
    for adequate and stable funding for all our schools!
    Parliamentarians: e-Bylaws is now available to Units in Sixth District. Please [click here] to request your user profile. Note: we are in Phase Two of pilot testing of this program. Please provide feedback to State PTA to help them refine the system. Thank you for your participation & your patience!
    Questions & feedback:
    A warm welcome to all who visit our Sixth District website!  Thank you for the time, energy and enthusiasm you share in supporting PTA in and across our local communities. Please stay in touch, and contact us with any questions, concerns and, yes, ideas.
    -- Wendy Akers-Ghose, Sixth District President   
    Meetings, Events, Deadlines
    Enter Rosters into PTAEZ
    Due Now
    Units: Submit Annual Historian Report
    Due Now
    Exec Board
    Mon July 20, 6:30 pm
    District Board
    Mon Aug 17, 6:30 pm
    Sixth District PTA Training Day
    and General Meeting
    Sat Aug 22
    What Does the
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    Do? and Why?

    As leaders, we know that the PTA isn't just about carnivals and fundraising -- for 118 years, we've been the nation's largest volunteer child advocacy organization. But what does that mean? What have we done, what are we doing now, and why do we do what we do?  [Click here]  for our new booklet that you can read online, print, distribute, and share not just with your members, but also with friends & with school and district leadership. Use it at meetings, at events, and in your membership drives!
    Comments? Questions? Suggestions?
    Contact Erwin Morton,

    State PTA has great electronic publications on education, health, advocacy, and running your PTA. They're all FREE. You can subscribe to any (or all) of them [here].
    Envelopes, Cards, & Dues
    For membership envelopes, membership cards, and e-membership cards, [click here].
    Remember: Membership is a year-round activity. Please remember to submit monthly membership reports & remittances to Sixth District.

    & Financial
    New, Improved Calendars
    for Treasurers & Membership Chairs.
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    Office Hours
    The Sixth District PTA Office is open
    Tuesdays & Fridays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    The office will be closed July 1 - July 20;
    it will reopen Tue July 21.
    Our office is in the Library of the
    Santa Clara County Office of Education,
    1290 Ridder Park Dr., San Jose [map]
    Contact:, 408-453-6536.
    (Hours may vary; please call before visiting.)
    The Sixth District PTA supports and empowers PTA leaders through training, parent education, financial support, and mentoring, to enable them to advocate more effectively on behalf of children and families.
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    About Sixth District PTA

    Sixth District PTA, encompassing Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties, is one of 28 PTA Districts that make up the California State PTA. Sixth District PTA serves approximately 225 PTA Units. Most of our Units are in our eight PTA councils -- Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale, Evergreen, Los Altos-Mountain View, Milpitas Unified, North Valley, Palo Alto, San José Unified, and Santa Clara Unified.

    Our other Units are in:
      Santa Clara County:  Alum Rock Union Elementary, Campbell Union, Campbell Union High, East Side Union High, Franklin-McKinley Elementary, Lakeside Joint Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary, and Saratoga Union School Districts.
      Santa Cruz County:  Santa Cruz City and Scotts Valley Unified School Districts.
      Monterey County:  Carmel Unified, Greenfield Union, Monterey Peninsula Unified, Pacific Grove Unified, Salinas City, and Santa Rita Union School Districts.

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